Miss Info reports that Jay Electronica will incorporate his song “The Announcement” to fit an upcoming commercial the soft drink maker has agreed to. The Mountain Dew Code Red ad features the tagline “Hip Hop is different on the mountain,” but Jay Elec didn’t have to change any of the song’s lyrics to fit the commercial. The latest union marks another way of incorporating Hip Hop into their brand for Mountain Dew, who previously commissioned a Cool Kids single for the Green Label Sounds imprint.

“This is the first time I’ve done something like this…of this magnitude, this nature,” Jay Electronica said. “I’m pretty excited about it…As artists, we come to a point where we conform so much, that when somebody is actually trying to learn who they are and express who they are as an individual and give their expression it’s foreign.”

According to Miss Info, the spot was commissioned by Anomaly. The company has previously worked Converse on separate projects with Jim Jones as well as Kenna, Pharrell and Santigold. Does Roc Nation CEO Jay-Z, who is also co-chairman of Translation Consultation and Brand Imaging, have any connection to the deal?



“A few weeks ago, Jay Electronica, his DJ TJ the King, the Anomaly team, the PepsiCo team, director Jacob Lincoln (for Greenpoint Pictures), stylist Groovey Lew, Jay-Z’s artist 20 Grand Pikaso, and more went to New Orleans, and shot the ad (called “No Distractions”) at a theater called One Eyed Jack’s,” Miss Info reports.

The full story, including behind the scenes pictures of the commercial shoot, is available at MissInfo.tv.