Following the release of Miami rapper Jacki-O’s latest mixtape Jacki-O As Griselda Blanco La Madrina, the rapper caused quite a commotion due to the name used for her mixtape. In the 1970’s and 80’s Griselda Blanco gained notoriety as one of Miami’s most powerful drug lords thanks to her hefty cocaine business and violent streak.

According to, the rapper recently received a call from Blanco’s son Michael Corleone Blanco who explained that he was concerned by the way his mother was being portrayed by the rapper.

“I got a call from her son in regards to me using her name for the mixtape but it was done in all respect though,” Jacki-O explained to “He had a lot of respect about it but he just had a concern of the way I was portraying his mom.  We spoke about it and he really wanted me to let everyone know that his mom was a loving mother despite the way the media has portrayed her and the way the streets thought of her but she was still a loving mother.”

While Blanco did express his concern over Jacki-O’s use of his mother’s name, according to Jacki-O he was “flattered” by the gesture.

“But what we know about her is she wasn’t to be played with,” said Jacki-O. “She was that chick that if you didn’t have her bricks or her money she coming for you so I named my mixtape Griselda Blanco and people that know about it love it.”

Blanco served several years in prison, but was eventually deported back to Colombia where she currently resides.