Jay-Z x “X”

All New Yorkers know that Jay-Z is around. After years of being inaccessible, the Roc Nation mogul has been visible the last few years – at restaurants, at Grizzly Bear concerts, running through the exiting crowd with Beyonce at 2008’s Rock The Bells show at Jones Beach, etc. The New York Post broke down what actually happens when Jay-Z is in front of you ordering a drink at Starbucks.

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NFL Fan Fights

As previously said, HipHopDX’s staff includes fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles and even the Cincinnati Bengals. We love football, and love going to games when we can – especially if it means we’ll get to see fans shoot a fair one (or two). Complex.com broke down a handful of videotaped NFL fan fights this year that made us laugh, made us cringe, and made us forward to everybody we know – including you.

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Inner Li(f)e

Providence, Rhode Island emcee Sage Francis made an album we really enjoyed this year in Li(f)e. The former Anticon Records artist recently revealed that the personal album featuring a big studio sound featuring music by DeVotchka and Granddaddy was the most expensive album he’s ever recorded. The acclaimed work made the Soundscan Top 200, but the Chicago, Illinois recording sessions are captured here. Salute to Sage and Anti Records to still support “underground Hip Hop” with the budget belief for projects like this. Sage posted pictures to show what he’s talking about.

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100 Essential 2010 Rap Singles

One of our friends and favorite Rap critics is Boston-based Chris Faraone. Chris’ lives and loves underground and independent Hip Hop, and he is one of the few folks that gets to write about it in the mainstream. For The Boston Phoenix‘s website, Chris broke down his 100 “essential” Hip Hop singles of the year. If you want a year-end list that’s inclusive of the underground and artists and singles that many mainstream publications simply haven’t heard, then you’ll love this.

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