Redman and Method Man have been together since 1994’s Month of the Man when they had just released their respective sophomore and debut albums on Def Jam. The two weed aficionados were soon recording together and eventually released two albums, a movie, commercials and a TV show. 

Redman sat down with The AV Club and talked about why he and Mr. Meth make such a good team.

“Because we don’t have egos,” Red explained. “We don’t have animosity. We understand the goal that we’re out to do, and we understand our job. We don’t let animosity and egos get in the way.”

When questioned if they didn’t have egos in general or just with each other, Red continued. “In general! Just in general, man. Animosity and egos and unloyalty plays a very big role in everything, whatever you’re trying to do. Whether it’s your business, whether you just making one transaction, you gotta be honest, you gotta be loyal. Even if it was just to do one show, you can’t have egos, or the show’ll be messed up. You mad at this, ’cause this thing happened… Put it this way, the shortest thing between people is communication, and we have that. Not saying we don’t have our issues, ’cause we do, just like anybody else would. But we know how to control the issue where it’s not affecting the money and the brand that we created.”

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