It seems everywhere you look these days there is another legend co-signing J. Cole. Jay-Z signed him to Roc Nation, then you’ve got DJ Premier and Dr. Dre giving praise and offering their production. Now the young emcee/producer can add Redman to his list of admirers. 

“J. Cole is hot. He’s different,” Redman told Vibe. “It seems like he got that hip-hop element, that essence in him, whereas as far the new cats they just talking about money and bitches. He still sounds like he got a touch of 90s in him, even though he’s a new cat. I like that. He got substance to his raps.”

Public Enemy hypeman and reality TV favorite Flavor Flav is the latest celebrity to add his voice to GPS devices from Garmin and TomTom. In addition to having Flav shout catch phrases at you, this is notable for being the world’s first explicit celebrity GPS voice.