Chicago, Illinois emcee Verbal Kent is readying his sixth studio album, Save Yourself on January 11, 2011. The veteran is using this opportunity to work with some those acts who influenced him. “I’m kind of stupid for it,” he said in a press statement, “but I really mean it when I say that my only long-term interest is to be part of Hip Hop history. I’m not trying to get picked up by a big label—I could care less, I’ve never even shopped a record before.”

Verbal is working with the likes of Pete Rock, Sadat X, Masta Ace and Edo G on Save Yourself. Additionally, he has production from !llmind, Marco Polo and the aforementioned Pete.

Looking at his career, which he really began focusing on in 1983. “I prefer small interesting pockets of notoriety and respect because that’s how things in this world really travel. That’s when ideas spread, through real connections.”