Tony Yayo has been along for 50 Cent’s meteoric rise to fame since the beginning, so it’s natural that he’s picked up some stories along the way.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Nation, Yayo recalled one of his favorite memories alongside Fif. “It was one day we were in the studio and I’ll never forget this,” he explained. “It was [around the time of] Get Rich or Die Tryin’and Dr. Dre was in the studio. Like I was saying, it was me and my man Weezy and 50, he did [‘Heat’], he did ‘P.I.M.P.’, he did like three songs in one day. And Kanye West was in the studio, I remember that. He was trying to like sing in Sha Money [XL]’s ear. It was just a crazy day that day.”

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Yayo revealed that two of New York’s most revered emcees weren’t able to attack the beat from “Heat” like 50 did. “Busta [Rhymes] was in the studio, Dre and I remember nobody could mess with this beat. This beat had gun sounds and cocking in [that] Dre made. I remember Busta tried, Rakim [tried] and 50 got on and just killed it. It was one of my favorite experiences in the studio.”

Watch the interview below: