Given that Kanye West produced two tracks off of Drake’s Thank Me Later, and directed the video for the Canadian rapper’s hit single “Best I Ever Had,” fans were perplexed when Drizzy didn’t make the final cut of Ye’s “All of the Lights.”

Count Drake among those confused, as the young emcee was left off of a list that included guests such as Elton John, La Roux’s Elly Jackson, Charlie Wilson and Ryan Leslie.

“Kanye’s creative process is ever-changing,” said Drake in an interview on Shade 45’s morning show on Thursday (December 9) with Elliott . “We make music differently. I make what comes to me and I hate changing it, whereas ‘Ye will change something 30 or 40 times to get it perfect. To each their own, and the change was to put all those people on it, and I wasn’t one of them. That’s completely okay.”

“I can never sit here and tell you that’s not one of my idols, that’s not one of my favorite rappers,” added Drake, who says he doesn’t know why he was taken off. “Whatever energy I’ve ever felt is irrelevant. When you ask me, ‘What do I think of Kanye West,’ I’mma always have something positive to say.”

“I feel like we can co-exist,” responded Drake, when asked about whether the energy level is not always where he wants to be. “I feel like Hip Hop is broad enough that we can both exist and give great music without feeling like it’s one or the other. I might be the only one that feels that way, though.”