In a recent interview with GoWhereHipHop (watch below), A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg spoke about his recent health issues, and how they affected him personally.

The “Funky Diabetic’s” long battle with diabetes has been well-documented, and even required the rapper to get a kidney transplant in 2008. “While I was sick, all I had was my wife, my stepson, my moms, my grandmoms, of course Ali and the rest of the group,” explained Phife. “That definitely helped out. There was a time where I was in a depression where I didn’t even really feel like talking to nobody. Not disrespect, I was just really out of it.”

The emcee also addressed the status of a new Tribe Called Quest album. “I have to say 99.9% I don’t know… I know people twisting up their lips like, ‘C’mon you know somethin’. I’m like, yo, forreal, I don’t know.”

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“All I know is, they call us to do shows every now again, and we on it,” said Phife, who has reunited with Tribe on stage numerous times in recent years, including several performances at Rock the Bells. “And that’s a sign for positive things to come hopefully. But as far as the actual album, I couldn’t even tell you. The only thing I could tell you is that we do owe Jive one more album, but that’s been the case for 12 years now, so, that really means nothing at this point. Me personally, hopefully it will happen, but I can’t call it.”

In the interview, Phife also reveals upcoming solo ventures. Watch below.