Weeks into his prison sentence Atlanta rapper T.I. reached out to his fans and offered thanks via a letter released on TrapMuzik.com yesterday (December 7). The release of the letter came just before today’s release of T.I.’s new album entitled No Mercy.

“So here it is…NO MERCY, the most honest and intimate installment of my life story as promised,” said T.I. in his letter. “Hope y’all enjoy it and it lives up to the very high standards I’ve set for myself or anyone who’s to be considered one of the best.  I must admit it takes a lot to go through as much as I have and still keep the love in your heart and in your art. But at the end of the day, if that’s what it takes to produce the music that keeps the world of hip-hop evolving on it’s axis.”

T.I. later went on to thank his fans stating that, “I’d like to give a [very] special thank you to all the fans who’ve been writing me and lifting my spirits everyday. I read all of them. Although I would never be able to write you all back…I’d like to list as many of you individualy as i can and thank the others collectively.”

Although No Mercy was just released today T.I. did briefly speak on a follow-up album in his letter.

“Who knows maybe you can look [forward] to hearing the dialogue between us set to music on the next album…which I’ll be announcing the official title to sooner than later,” T.I. explained. “But until then, thanks again for all your understanding, love and support.”