Just as Snoop  Dogg is one of Hip Hop’s biggest spokesmen for marijuana, Willie Nelson has been similarly affiliated with the ganja. The two artists have even recorded a song together titled “My Medicine,” a dedication to their favorite plant on Snoop’s 2008 release Ego Trippin.

It’s not surprise then, that the California Rapper was very vocal when Nelson was arrested for marijuana possession recently. “They better leave Willie the fuck alone!” said Snoop to TMZ. “Willie Nelson is a legend, man. Really, sometimes you gotta back off certain people and have a certain amount of respect for your elders. Willie Nelson is our elder. He’s somebody who lived through many decades of music and hard times and whatnot and living good and going up and down. So give him that respect.”

Snoop, who has a license for medical marijuana, continued. “Who’s the motherfucker that arrested him? I want to know who’s the police officer that said ‘You’re under arrest. You’ve got a right to remain silent.’ You dumb motherfucker, you. You stupid motherfucker you. What you think you going to gain by arresting Willie Nelson? He got out and he back smoking right now!”