After the death of Huddy Combs (a/k/a Huddy 6), it seems part of Harlem World has been inspired to reunite. While Mase, Loon and Blinky Blink are not attached to this comeback, it seems only Cardan and Meeno are. The two are joined by newcomer Suga J. 

Mase’s absence is highlighted by a recent Harlem World track, “Start It Up (Remix),” where Cardan rhymes, “The cake batter bape sweater / Eighth letter, ace heffas / Ace sippers, no Mase Betha.”

Former Harlem World member Huddy Combs died recently in a car accident. News also surfaced that Cam’ron and others were outraged that Mase did not attend the funeral services for the Combs.