Prior to his recent single, “Be With You” reaching number 78 on Billboard magazine’s Hip Hop/R&B chart this week, David Banner hadn’t been on the Pop charts since 2008’s “Get Like Me.” But Banner says in addition to some acting and producing, part of his hiatus came from the fact that he wasn’t particularly happy with his role in the music scene.

“I was watching how American black men were being portrayed [in Europe],” Banner told Billboard. “It bothered me, and I was a big part of it. I didn’t do music for like seven months, it fucked with me that bad. The epiphany that I had is that there’s nothing wrong with that part of me, but the problem is balance.”

Banner balanced things out musically by enlisting 9th Wonder for his upcoming album, Death of a Pop Star. Tracks like “Hip-Hop” and “Something Is Wrong,” which was released in the aftermath of Derrion Albert’s murder, showcase a different side than what Banner showed on “Like A Pimp.” On the business side, Banner diversified his b.i.G.f.a.c.e. Entertainment imprint to include crafting “I’m Mad” for the movie Megamind. Banner also created the music behind Gatorade’s “Evolution” campaign.

“It’s bigger than just a record,” Banner added. “Maybe you don’t like [me or 9th Wonder], but I bet you like Jordans. If you don’t like Jordans, maybe you’ll like the move, or the comic book. It’s sort of a way to surround people.”

The details of Banner’s graphic novel and proposed shoe have yet to be released. But Megamind grossed $88 million during its opening weekend, and the Gatorade commercials are still on the air. Death of a Pop Star will be released December 21 via E-1 Records.