In an interview with CreativeControl.TV’s Talking Fly, New Orleans rapper Curren$y revealed that he would be up for a collaboration with Young Money founder Lil Wayne. Curren$y shared that news when asked if working with Mack Maine would leave the “door open” for a collab with Wayne.

“Mack [Maine] is my homie. You know what I’m saying? We all from New Orleans,” Curren$y explained. “I don’t give a fuck at this point. I’m not about to say no crazy shit. Mack is my homeboy and that’s who I speak to. I’ve always spoke to him through it all, but I ain’t gonna [see] the door close on nothing. We hustling. It’s all good man.”

Curren$y was a little more enthusiastic when asked about recording with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa.

“That could happen in 15 minutes,” said Curren$y when asked about doing a collaboration with Wiz Khalifa. “That could happen in about 15 minutes. We might put together a whole little collection…We might put something on the shelf.”

For four years Curren$y was signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money, but eventually left the label in 2007 when he saw that his music career was at a stand still.