After Game noted that he’d be open to the idea of a G-Unit reunion, Young Buck has added that he feels the same. Buck’s feud with 50 Cent and the crew has now been well documented by reporters and his former “general,” as Fif leaked taped conversations with the Nashville representative and denounced him as a comrade. Now, during a recent interview with Time Westwood, Buck noted he no longer sees his ordeal with 50 as “beef.”

“I will wait and hear a response from 50 [Cent] at this point and see where he goes at. I’m at a point in my career, honestly man, I don’t even look at my situation dealing with them as a beef. It’s not a beef. It’s a situation, man. [Me going back?] To be continued — I know the picture you was left with before you done seen Buck again. It was one big family. It was a movement and it was a beautiful movement and I think the fans enjoyed that and I think they want that still. I wouldn’t definitely just turn down the situation at this point but it would have to be done in a genuine way as far as the whole movement of what it should be.”

He also added that any reconciliation should be honest and pure, noting that he and Game also made peace.

“It would just have to be done in a genuine way — I done [reconciled] with Game because in reality I don’t feel like the situation of when there was a situation dealing with the G-Unit and Game it was a situation where I would consider beef…When you consider beef, that’s a whole different world. A lot of these are just considered misunderstandings but they’re able to make it to the beef categories and carried out like that.”

Not counting on a reunion, he also spoke on what it means to promote himself independently. 

“I’ve been still signed to G-Unit these last past three years…At the end of the day, I have had no communication with anybody from over there. I’ve kept my own relevance by releasing mixtapes and doing exactly what I’ve got to do as an artist…I have no problem with them dudes. They do what they do. I do what I do.”