San Francissco, California deejay/turntablist Mixmaster Mike is the latest Hip Hop artist to receive specially-designed headphones by Skull Candy. Last Wednesday, the headphones were revealed in Park City, Utah after the Beastie Boys’ deejay had been developing the model with the electronics company for a reported 16 months.

The headphones boast the following specially-designed features:

– Dual channel cue control when a single ear cup articulate, drive the entire mix into one ear.

– Ambidextrous audio inputs, so you can run your cord either ring or wrong handed.

– One-touch mute allowing you to silence the loud to check the crowd.

Serious to be the only headphone in a DH’s arsenal, and versatile enough to be the only headphone for your daily battle, other features include:

– Huge 50mm drives.

– Plush soft-touch ear pads.

– Extra cable with in-line mic and music control.

– Rugged 3-piece folding body constructed of ABS, polycarbonate, stainless steel and aluminum.