Georgia-based group Travis Porter signed to Jive Records on Monday. The trio, which consists of Strap, Quez, and Ali, became popular using a grassroots effort to market themselves. While independent artists, they toured both in the U.S. and internationally.

“We’re extremely excited with our new label and home,” said the group in a statement. “I’ts good to see our dedication to music and the help of our loyal fan base worked in our favor. We really owe it to God, our fans, families, and unstoppable team. They all made our dreams possible. Now, it’s time to work. We’ll celebrate when the time is right.”

The young 20-somethings came up with the name Travis Porter to distinguish themselves from other southern acts with names like Dem Franchise Boyz and The Eastside Boyz. Their new single “Make It Rain” is currently on the Top 50 on Billboard’s Hot 100.