On 2000’s “Forgot About Dre,” Dr. Dre rhymed, “Give me one more platinum plaque / and fuck Rap you can have it back.” And although it’s taken him over a decade, the legendary co-founding member of NWA is getting a headstart on that last plaque with his single “Kush.” The song has debuted at the number 48 spot on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 chart, which ranks the country’s most popular singles based on sales and radio airplay. While Dre was credited as a producer and co-writer on Eminem’s 2009 single, “Crack A Bottle,” the debut of “Kush” marks the first time a Dr. Dre single billed as a solo effort has appeared on the Billboard charts since “The Next Episode.”

After an unmastered version of the collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Akon and newcomer Sly hit blogs and other music sites, Aftermath quickly posted a mixed and mastered version to Dr. Dre’s official site and made the single available for purchase via iTunes on November 18. Despite being released mid-week, the single sold 45,000 copies.

Various reports have stated a video to “Kush” has already been shot, with veteran music video director Joseph Kahn at the helm. While Detox has been delayed by rumored unofficial leaks, Dre maintains his Hip Hop swan song will finally be released in February of 2011.