Inglewood, California-bred producer/rapper and DXnext alum Shawn Chrystopher recorded most of his forthcoming You and Only You digital album, (due December 7) in the basement of friend and Utah Jazz player C.J. Miles’ Salt Lake City home.

The first single, “Have a Seat, Shut Up,” is currently release and the video can be seen below. The second single, “The Hangover” is available for preview on iTunes.

“I recorded a lot of the music down in the basement,” said Chrystopher to HipHopDX, whose bio states he graduated from high school at 16 and attended the University of Southern California before deciding to pursue a career as producer/rapper full-time. For a period of time, Chrystopher was managed by Dan Weisman, whose Elitaste management firm manages the career of Mike Posner and co-manages Wale in association with Roc Nation. The two parted ways earlier this year due to creative differences.

On “You and Only You,” fans can expect an autobiographical sound. “It came from a conversation,” Chrystopher said. “Everything is starting to work out for myself. As long as you got yourself, that’s all you need.”

On the record, Chrystopher has songs addressing the passing of his dad, relationships and heartbreak; he also raps about race issues as he perceives them. “It’s a story about my life,” he said.

The project will be available through iTunes and Chrystopher’s website,

Chrystopher is planning a mini in-store tour, beginning December 2 at the Karma Loop in Boston.