In a rare interview, DubCNN caught up with Dr. Dre’s protege Slim da Mobster to discuss his involvement in the legendary west coast producer’s highly anticipated third solo LP Detox. With DubCNN reporting that Slim wrote over 70% of Detox, including the recently released “Kush,” the up-and-coming California emcee explained what fans can expect to hear from the Good Doctor

“We done with Dr. Dre’s album,” said Slim. “We waiting on all the singles to come out, I got a little influence on that. That’s always good. We got Em getting ready to get on his stuff. You know how that go…I had a lot to do with [Detox] on different levels. It was certain songs that I probably didn’t write on, but I probably chose the beat. I got a lot of different elements on that album. That album and my album’s gonna two totally different vibes. So that’s gonna be the biggest transition. For the shit that you hear with him and me – I gotta couple great records with him that’s gonna be on that album. But I think what I’m about to do is gonna be different. It’s gonna be like Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Not music wise – I got some of the same elements. Shout out to Sha Money. I wan tit to be different at the time, the element of music – the way everybody is sounding and looking right now, I ain’t gonna do that.” (

Slim also discussed his own as-of-yet untitled Shady/G-Unit/Aftermath debut. Although Slim revealed few details about the album’s release date, he did say that Dr. Dre will be featured. He also added that his album will be heir apparent to N.W.A.’s discography with respect to its content.

“[My album’s] gonna have its similarities [to Detox], and the difference is…I’m in my own space,” he explained. “The shit I talk about is the shit Dre can’t talk about, the shit Dre won’t talk about. And the shit Dre talk about is the shit I can’t talk about because I haven’t done it yet. Same with me the things I talk about it’s kind of untouchable to him because he already talked about it. My album is gonna be like an N.W.A. album, you gonna hear some shit that’s real. It ain’t gonna be a Dr. Dre album, it’s gonna be a real joint.” (

The full interview can be seen below.