It’s not often you see a 64-year-old news anchor hop aboard a Hip Hop dance craze. But Hip Hop appeared in some odd places this week as CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, on a break from his “Situation Room,” hosting duties, appeared as a presenter during the taping of the annual “Soul Train Awards,” Wednesday. After introducing Hip Hop legend Doug E. Fresh, Blitzer began trying his hand at Cali Swag District’s trademark “Dougie” dance. Aside from his presenting duties, Blitzer accepted an award on behalf of Eminem and had a playful fight with Biz Markie for an award.

Apparently “The Diabolical” wasn’t done, as he popped up again on Thursday night’s episode of “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” And while those not familiar with Hip Hop usually get their nightly dose of the culture courtesy of The Roots, who perform as the in-house band, Thursday they were treated to an impromptu performance of Biz’s 1991 classic, “Just A Friend.” In a strange twist, 58-year-old actor, Jeff Goldblum held down a portion of the emceeing duties.

Finally, the small controversy sparked by NBC’s revisiting of Kanye West’s 2005 remark that “George Bush doesn’t like black people,” provided the opportunity for former President Bush to resume his role as the butt of many “Daily Show” jokes. Host Jon Stewart poked fun at West, NBC and Bush to task for the overblown apology story that has dominated headlines all week.

“[Matt] Lauer just squashed the beef,” Stewart joked. “If only Lauer had been around to broker the peace accord between Bush senior and Biggie Smalls. Maybe the C.I.A. wouldn’t have—wait a minute. I’m being told that I cannot say that. The C.I.A. had no connection to the death of Biggie Smalls.”

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