Fans won’t have to wait another ten years for the next Method Man and Redman album, as the duo has announced Blackout 3. reports that the “How High” pair has revealed that the album will drop next summer, and are working on a new movie, which won’t be titled How High 2 as a result of legal issues.

Below is a video of Method Man and Redman performing in London to celebrate DJ 279’s 18th year on radio, courtesy of

Bay Area collective Da Bidness, consisting of P.S.D. Tha Drivah, Keak Da Sneak and Messy Marv are set to release the follow-up to their 2007 self-titled debut.

P.S.D. is currently in jail, awaiting trial for Federal Drug Charges alleging an “intent to sell.” While waiting, he coordinated the completion of the album with Keak Da Sneak and Messy Marv.

“Despite going through everything P.S.D. is enduring right now he was able to deliver another great album,” said SMC Recordings COO, Will Bronson. “Coordinating a group project made up of Bay Area titans such as these three is a hell of an accomplishment, let alone doing it while in jail.”

Da Bidness Part II is due in stores on December 7, 2010.

Finally, Wisemen’s Kevlaar 7 sat down recently to discuss the group’s new album, Children of a Lesser God LP.

“We take it deeper than ‘we need a commercial joint, one for the bitches,’” explained Kevlaar in a recent interview with Lavoe Revolt. “We don’t really do it like that. Most people do it like that on some straight cliche ass shit. But we be like, ‘we need a real soulful joint,’ cause Phillie and Illah sound ill on that shit. They write deep shit on those. We need some hardcore, bring you some “what the fuck is you looking at” type shit. We do it like that. You can do it that other way and you might come out with some deep shit but from the start we take it deeper. This is not just a song for the bitches. We taking it deeper. We wanna know how they feel about whatever…That’s another thing. You gotta have four or five concept songs. Shit that’s about some shit.”

“Ain’t no yes men in the group,” added Kevlaar. “If five other niggas is telling you that you can come harder then you gotta look outside yourself because one person can’t always tell what’s goin on around them. Someone else will have to tell him or five other niggas will have to tell him. You can’t always take your own opinion and trust it all the time cuz the people that love you is gonna tell you the truth. That’s the first thing too. We’re family.”