After 15-year-old Sasha Rodriguez died from an Ecstasy overdose a few days after attending the publicly funded Electric Daisy Carnival in June, public officials are enacting an initiative, which they hope will reduce illegal drug consumption at concerts and raves. The Los Angeles Department of Public Health will fund a public service announcement featuring of the Black Eyed Peas and Bay Area dance artist Kaskade.

“The PSA will include harm reduction messages by major electronic music talents, including Kaskade, and,” Department of Public Health Director Jonathan Fielding wrote to LA Weekly. “DPH will encourage promoters to broadcast the PSA at the event and online through their websites and other relevant social networking sites, and will work to get online ticket outlets to show the PSA at the point of purchase.”

There were reportedly over 200 medical emergencies and close to 60 drug-related arrests at the Daisy Carnival. While no one from the DPH has officially stated such,’s increased collaborations with the likes of David Guetta and other Electronic musicians was likely behind their choice of the Black Eyed Peas co-founder as well as Deadmau5 collaborator Kaskade. The PSAs will likely be aired at raves and on various social-networking sites.