As he sets the stage for his December release, DJ Premier Presents Year Round Records, the famed producer has also found time to work with others. In what was one of the most anticipated collaborations of the year to some, Premier was meant to work with Kanye West. Unfortunately for those in anticipation, that track will not be on the forthcoming West album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. While that collaborative effort is still on the shelf, the legendary DJ recently opened up to VIBE about other potential projects with West and more.

“I asked him about it at the BET Hip Hop Awards, and he said didn’t get a chance to do it,” Premier said of the track he did for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. “But he said ‘I’m doing the album with Jay-Z, and I need two tracks for that.’ And he even kept hitting me to get more tracks for the album he’s about to drop. But right now, my priority is getting my artists up and running.”

Adding some insight into West’s private hard drive, Premier also noted that he will be doing some scratches for “Mama’s Boyfriend.”

“[Kanye] actually hit me the day before he had to turn the album in to do some scratches on a song called ‘Mama’s [Boyfriend]. We just did it like five or six days ago… They sent me a private hard drive. I had to know certain passwords and go through all these steps to get the song. Kanye even sent me an email saying ‘destroy all the roughs I sent you.'”