With various leaks of unfinished songs popping up on the Internet and the fact that seven of the songs from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy have been released via G.O.O.D. Fridays, it seems there aren’t too many details we don’t know about the album. But Kanye West would beg to differ.

“I don’t wanna give everything away,” Kanye said while addressing various media members via conference call and UStream. “It’s a couple surprises on there, believe it or not. Even with people trying their best to leak it and stuff, they still can’t stop what I went into the studio and did.”

Kanye was tight-lipped about the details of what was changed, but Cyhi Da Prynce did say that the changes would be significant. While some artists have been known to add or switch out a verse, or sometimes substitute different drum patterns, Cyhi said fans will essentially be hearing different songs when My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is released on November 22. For those who can’t wait, it should be noted that the album is available for pre-order now via iTunes.

Other details that emerged from the conference call were the confirmation of tracks with both Madlib and Q-Tip—although Kanye didn’t tell if those contributions would be found on Watch The Throne or My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye said the collaboration definitely happened already and the result of it is “in the works right now.”

“It’s coming soon,” Kanye said of Watch The Throne. “I’m just here right now. We’re gonna do another UStream for that when it’s time. That’s gonna be early next year though.” As far as a track featuring the former Roc-a-fella protégé, West, and Roc Nation’s J.Cole, West said it may happen, but gave no indication of it being a priority.

“I’m really focused on G.O.O.D. Music right now,” Kanye explained. “But maybe we’ll put him on a G.O.O.D Friday track or something.”

Due to call clarity issues, and, quite frankly, some dumb questions from a few media outlets, the following excerpt has been edited. If you would like to see the full, unedited UStream session, click here.