Weezy F. Freedom

Lil Wayne is almost a free man. After this week, expect those signature Weezy F. leaks to flash flood the Internet and street mixtapes alike, as they’ve consisently done since 2004. In honor of his homecoming from Rikers Island, Complex.com compiled their favorite 100 Lil Wayne songs. It’s hard for the DX staff to pin down our own favorites, with close to a thousand to choose from, but last year, during out Top 10 Albums of The ’00s piece, we universally agreed that Tha Carter II was our favorite Lil Wayne album. As De La Soul said, go beat-for-beat, line-for-line, and push those bars holding Lil Wayne to the side.

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Genius of Rap

We’ve heard of The Rappin’ Duke, we’ve eaten Rap Snacks, but there is also a Rap Genius. Not to be confused with the blue shirt-wearing folks at the Apple Store, this site is pure gold. The Rap Genius took the time to break down what Kanye West means with each and every bar and chrous on his many leaks from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. With so many new fans, and people not necessarily hip to what Kanye means with some of his references and vernacular, welcome to your new UrbanDictionary.com, at least for this release season.

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As a parting shot, Hip Hop has a history of unique handshakes, from DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith (if that lives on off television), to Kanye West and Jay-Z, and so on. However, this our favorite handshake of all times: