Prior to his major label debut, B.o.B used a steady string of mixtapes including “Who The Fuck Is B.o.B?,” “B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray” and “May 25th” to increase his fan base. In preparation for an as-yet-untitled sophomore effort, B.o.B recently told, that he has another mixtape in the works.

“I’m actually working on the next album, and I’m working on a mixtape simultaneously,” he said. “I produced some on the mixtape; I’ve got a few of my friends on the mixtape, and it’s coming out this year.”

The buzz from the mixtapes propelled The Adventures of Bobby Ray to the number one album in the country, with sales of 84,000 during its first week. The crossover success of the album was due in large part to singles such as “Nothin’ On You” and “Airplanes,” which featured Eminem and Paramore. When asked about the crossover between Hip Hop and Alternative Rock, B.o.B said he embraced the mixture.

“I like to teach people who aren’t necessarily from the South,” he added. “It’s good seeing everybody who didn’t really grown up in that type of environment embrace the hood bounce and embrace the dreads shaking. And the people who didn’t grow up in an Alternative Rock environment, it’s good to see them embrace that too.”