It’s been a monumental year for Haitian emcee/singer/producer and politician Wyclef Jean. While the former Fugees’ front-man was disallowed to run as President of Haiti, the Columbia Records star is still intent on bringing change and inspiration to his homeland. On December 7, Jean will release If I Were President: My Haitian Experience.

The digital EP includes the single “Election Time,” which boasts the Pink Floyd interpolation from their 1979 hit “Another Brick In The Wall,” where Wyclef analyzes the nation’s education system and poverty. Previously, Jean has used Pink Floyd’s music before, covering “Wish You Were Here” on his second solo, 2000’s The Ecleftic – 2 Sides II A Book.

“[November 28th’s general election in Haiti] means the rebirth of my country. It means that the young people can bring about change,” said Wyclef Jean in a statement. “I would want to tell the youth of Haiti to go out and vote.  We have had a long history of dictatorship in Haiti.  It’s not a Haitian right to vote that we are talking about. We are talking about a world right.  Take your right.  Your true weapon is your voting card. Use your weapon and use it wisely.”

The six-song collection will reunite Jean with his brother Sedeck. The two had not spoken for some years, until both reunited to provide relief to January’s earthquake victims in Haiti.

This will be Wyclef Jean’s first musical release since last year’s DJ Drama-assisted Toussaint St. Jean: From The Hut To The Projects, To The Mansion.

In related news, former Fugees partner Pras recently spoke to Us Weekly about the group’s 1997 break-up and Lauryn Hill’s upcoming return album. (November 2)

UPDATE: The tracklisting to If I Were President EP is as follows:

1. Haitian Experience

2. Earthquake

3. Election Time

4. Death Threats

5. Prison For The K

6. Election Time