One of the nine videos Lil Wayne shot prior to his incarceration was for his “No Love” collaboration with Eminem. After its release, the song stayed on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 chart for eight weeks, peaking at the number 23 spot. Following the video’s premiere across all MTV networks, Eminem briefly spoke to DJ Whoo Kid about the video’s concept while the pair talked about the anniversary of Eminem’s Sirius Satellite Radio channel, Shade 45.

“I’ve kinda always been a spokesperson for that particular subject,” Eminem said. “Conceptually for that video, we felt like that’s kind of what the song was saying…kicking somebody when they’re down, being bullied, picking on somebody or whatever. So we just kind of went with that concept for the video.”

The issue of bullying has recently made its way into the country’s collective consciousness—so much so, that the US Department of Health and Human Services has started an official campaign. The campaign comes on the heels of Dan Savages “It Gets Better” video PSA series, following the suicide of Rutgers student, Tyler Clementi, after Clementi’s roommate allegedly spread a hidden video of him having sex with another man around the Rutgers campus. It’s unlikely that a Hip Hop artist will join either campaign in today’s era of “Pause” and “No Homo,” but during a “60 Minutes” appearance, Eminem said his experience as a former victim of bullying makes the subject one that is close to him.

“Yeah there was a lot of instances,” Eminem added. “I got beat up in bathrooms, hallways…I got shoved into lockers. For the most part, it was for just being the new kid.”