Fans may have been surprised that Jay-Z and Kanye West scrapped their idea for a joint EP in favor of a full-length album; but perhaps most surprised of all is Kanye West.

“Sitting here in the studio two hours out of London,” Tweeted Kanye (@kanyewest) on Thursday (October 28). “It’s really setting in on me that I’m actually doing a rap album with JAY-Z.”

Perhaps the most significant revelation is that the studio sessions have already produced a track for the album. “The [beats] and raps are stuuuuuuupid already!!! 1 song down… on to the next!!!” Tweeted ‘Ye, before enthusiastically adding, “I was in the audience at the Hard Knock Life Tour!!!!!!!”

And what sound can fans expect? “I can never get use to this!!!! This shit we doing is so modern so hood so club so hip hop… all of the above!”