Nearly a month into the fourth quarter, J.Cole is still not divulging many details on his upcoming album. In an interview with Funkmaster Flex, Cole said, “It could be in December; it could be in January…I’m not sure. I always say I want the most people to want my album. I don’t want to come out and do low numbers and just have my fans pleased. I want to reach the masses. That’s what we’re working on now.”

When talk turned to fellow Roc-Nation member and Blueprint 3 touring partner, Wale, Cole expressed disappointment at the rift between his peers. Kid Cudi threw a few shots at Wale in the October/November issue of Complex magazine, and Wale responded via Twitter and again in an interview with DJ Drama.

“From the outside looking it, I don’t know a lot about the situation, but it was a letdown,” Cole said. “You don’t wanna see that happen, especially with two artists who came up in the same era. But I think Wale handled it correctly, because everybody expected him to go crazy and black out with a Twitter rant.”

As far as his own perceived beef, Cole put a stop to any talk that he directed some bars at Jae Millz during a radio freestyle in May. During a previous visit with Funkmaster Flex, Cole rhymed the following:

“Jealous niggas how many chances y’all blew / how many times y’all been new / all them advances y’all blew / now you see me on the rise and throw a tantrum or two / Like dog I’m iller than him / Nigga I’m cancer than you / You barely catching the flu / So who is you / Dear summer / You’re bout to have to tell a couple niggas lose your number / Cause Cole World coming / Later for them bench warmers / Bitch I get covers / You don’t even get covered…”

Some assumed the lines were in reference to Jae Millz complaints about who did or didn’t make the cover of XXL magazine’s Freshmen 10. But, J.Cole also put those rumors to rest.

“That wasn’t a Jae Millz reference,” he explained. “It was written before that. People always try to dissect my lines whether it’s Jae Millz, Drake, or whoever. I never felt like he was disrespecting me. I never got a chance to talk to him, but I know if I see him it’s gonna be love. It’s not even that type of situation. I’m sure whoever felt [Millz] offended them forgot about it.”