When Kanye West released the track list for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, many were wondering why the Chicagoan was putting out an album full of songs that have already reached the ears of fans. However, West says he is confident in releasing this album because he feels he has a leg up on any bootleggers out there. 

This news became evident when he was being interviewed by MTV’s Sway Calloway, in a piece that ran yesterday, who asked what his favorite track was.

“I can’t say right this instant because we’re still mixing them,” ‘Ye replied. “And we got a few bonus tracks, like ‘See Me Now,’ ‘Mama’s Boy’ and some bonus tracks after that. There’s like 13 or 14 songs … maybe ‘Chain Heavy’ will be on there. We have to make a decision by tomorrow. So there’s maybe 13 or 14 tracks, but they’re way produced. Far from any bootleg, far from any hacker. A hacker, man, can’t give you what I can give you once it’s the whole product.”‘

West is no stranger to working up until deadlines, famously doing the same while producing for others and working on past projects.