With so much anticipation surrounding Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, there isn’t as much hype as you’d expect for a Jay-Z and Kanye project. That will likely change in time, especially now that the proposed five song EP is going to be a full length album.

“We putting out a whole album now,” Kanye told MTV when asked about Watch The Throne. “We had done five [songs] so far, and then a few of ‘em, kind of, were out there, and I put them on my album. Sorry Jay. But we got some more, and we going to the south of France at the end of this month just to record new ideas.”

Watch The Throne is currently slated for a December 7 release, which may be in jeopardy now that they will record more songs. Jay-Z, with Kanye’s help, famously completed The Blueprint in just two weeks. 

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