While it wouldn’t be a stretch to call Eminem and Kanye West media darlings (at times), one might be surprised to hear the source of their latest praise: Marth Stewart.

The Queen of homemaking sat down with MTV News recently, and immediately picked the less-than-wholesome Slim Shady and the always-controversial West as natural picks for MTV’s “Hottest MCs” list.

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“I don’t know if he’s in the game but I think so ’cause he has an album that’s, like, close to the top of the charts. It’s always been Eminem. I don’t know why, but it’s always been,” offered Stewart. “[He’s] huge, huge, huge.”

Stewart also admitted that she “[likes] Kanye West. I think he’s very good.”

Stewart then recalled an encounter with West, where she met the rapper in person. “We saw this table full of rapper-type guys and I said, ‘That’s Kanye West.’ And everybody at my table said, ‘Nope, they’re imposters, they’re impersonators.’ And he then walks over and introduces himself and asks if he can come and see me at my office.”

She continued, revealing that Kanye did stop by the next day – on time – and picked her brain for business tips. “He wants to brand himself. He’s a big-time guy and he wants to do all those fabulous things,” she said. “You’ll be seeing Kanye West everything. He’s great.”