Atlanta producer Bangladesh, known for producing Lil Wayne’s smash hit “A Milli,” then not getting paid royalties for it, recently sat down with to discuss recording with Clipse member Pusha T.

“I’ve been running into Pusha T for a while now but we never got up,” said Bangladesh of the G.O.O.D. Music signee. “I don’t know what kept happening. I just kept hearing from people he was trying to get in with me. But he was really serious about making it happen this time.”

The producer explained the advantage of having an artist seek him out. “I like Pusha T and I like a lot of artists, but I like it even more when they want to work with me. Then, you know what to expect. You don’t got to be going through 200 beats trying to find the perfect thing for somebody. And they ain’t trying to get you to do something that you really don’t do.”

“He was like, ‘Give me something hard,’” revealed Bangladesh, describing the recording process in detail. “We went into the studio one day, I played him a few beats, and he picked [a beat]. He went home the next day. I’m thinking he’s gonna write to the joints. He came back to the studio like, ‘Man, I like these beats, but I want to hear some more.’ So I played him some more, but I was running out of things to play…. Then I remembered this beat I had been making in L.A. I put that beat on and he just went crazy. He was like, ‘This the beat I was talking about!’ The song I’m talking about, you wouldn’t expect him to be on it. With the G.O.O.D. Music thing and the Neptunes, you never heard Pusha on shit like that. And he was even saying, ‘They ain’t gonna expect that.’ It’s gonna kill the game.”