While “running around in” Los Angeles after recently receiving a $200 million movie deal, 50 Cent phoned in to speak with Funkmaster Flex, speaking on Diddy, Rick Ross, Game, Lloyd Banks and more. 

When asked if he had a problem with Diddy making moves with Rick Ross after Ross and 50 had their feud, 50 said he didn’t have a problem with it.

“Nah, Puff is really exciting to me because I watch him and, it’s not about a song…He’s hustling,” he noted. “Do I like Diddy? Yeah. I ran into him at Yankees stadium…I think it’s ill when you become bigger than a song.” 

However, he also added that some might be insulted by Diddy mentioning that Ross reminds him of The Notorious B.I.G. in interviews.

“With Rick Ross, he’s trying to do Notorious Ross. It’s almost an insult…That’s what they callin’ it. Notorious Ross is trying to do the Biggie thing.

Another topic that came up was his recent cover shoot with XXL, one that paired him up with Soulja Boy.

“Soulja wouldn’t have got the cover of a magazine before his album came out if I wouldn’t have agreed to do that. I want to see him win, so I did that.” 

Finally, he addressed Game’s comment about reuniting with G-Unit and explained why Lloyd Banks may have been upset with 50 at one point.

“I’m really not interested in working with [Game] because I don’t understand why that happened. Like, Banks had a legitimate reason to be upset with me at one point. His pop passed away and his mom was in a car accident. He shut down. He didn’t see the response he was looking for from the Rotten Apple record and I was a little insensitive in those areas because I don’t know my father and I lost my mother when I was eight. So, I don’t see a reason why I should stop pushing. If your pops passes away…I’ll say this, a person is a luxury I can’t afford.”