Queens rapper 50 Cent and television host Chelsea Handler stirred up quite the commotion when they were spotted on what appeared to be a date at a restaurant in New Orleans at the top of the month.

50 Cent revealed to E! News that his dinner with Handler was strictly business and that the two discussed their work in movies.

“We actually was talking about a film project,” said 50 Cent. “She’s working on a movie now with McG [Joseph McGinty Nichol] and Reese Witherspoon. Because I just did the Lionsgate deal I’ve been sitting with different people and talking about film projects and everything. I think she’s amazing.”

Earlier in the month Handler also shed some light on her meeting with 50 Cent as well explaining that she “was with a bunch of friends in New Orleans, and he [50 Cent] was one of the friends that was there. I was there for a show. Of course we were the only ones in the picture when there were 20 of us there.”

In the past year or so 50 Cent has spent a great deal of time working on his film career. He’ll star in Things Fall Apart alongside veteran actor Ray Liotta when it’s released in 2011 and his film company Cheetah Films was recently given $200 million in funding to make 10 movies.