This past Monday T.I. reunited with Joshua Sparks, the man he convinced out of jumping off of a 22-story skyscraper. The two took to Atlanta’s Ryan Cameron Radio Show to talk about how the incident affected them. Starks said that the incident helped him to realize that “giving up is not an option.”

“What I realize is now I just need to put forth that extra effort that I thought wasn’t there, that I now know is there,” Sparks said. The 24-year-old man was reported to be having feelings of depression over unemployment as well as legal problems before deciding to commit suicide.

“All of the things we go through in life, they just prepare us for the next battle,” said T.I., who will be going back to prison for 11 months over drug possession charges. “I think you were able to make it through this with, I guess, minimal injury, maximum lesson learned,” he told Sparks.

While Tip is getting prepared to head back to jail, he’s also being sued  by a promoter, Carl Davis, for canceling a performance for the rapper’s “Welcome Home” concert. According to the lawsuit, Davis paid over $80,000 to T.I.’s camp for the rapper to perform at the Birmingham Jefferson Coliseum this past year. However, Davis says he heard an interview with T.I. on a local radio station in which he said he would appear at the party, but would not perform.

Davis claims that he lost over $340,000 because of the alleged bad deal, and that he’s suffered stress, chest pains, and emotional distress over the issue.