“As the industry changes, you’ve got to change with the industry just as a hustler,” Diddy told Funkmaster Flex, when rece tly asked what roles his management company performs. Long known for his work guiding the careers of Lil Kim, Notorious B.I.G and others, Sean Combs has confirmed rumors that he is lending his business expertise to the likes of Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross. The exact nature of both partnerships is still somewhat a mystery, and apparently that’s exactly how everyone prefers things.

“With Ross, I feel like we’ve done a great job,” Diddy added. “With the Nicki thing; the Nicki thing is something that even me and her have made sure that we haven’t defined and kept a mystery. I don’t go around saying ‘I’m her manager,’ or it’s this or it’s that. We work together in a certain type of unofficial capacity. She’s a very strong-headed, intelligent, young lady. She really does a lot of things herself, and whatever ways I can assist the situation, and whatever that title is, that’s what I do. I play my position on the team.”

The statements to Flex come as the only real confirmation from either Diddy or Nicki, amid rumors of management changes and fraudulent show promotions. Meanwhile things are more visible with the Rick Ross partnership, as both Diddy and his Ciroc brand vodka have appeared in recent Ross videos. Ross also recently locked down a cameo in a Nike commercial, and may have something else in the works with Diddy.

“People were saying they really liked the whole look and feel of me and Ross together…the whole chemistry that we have,” Diddy explained. “It’s a fun project. It’s going back to the overall No Way Out swagger of things. It’s starting with Last Train to Paris and going into Bugatti Boys.”

All three artists figure to have a presence in the fourth quarter. In addition to touring, Ross hopes to re-release his Teflon Don album. Additionally, Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday will be released on November 22, while Diddy’s Last Train To Paris is scheduled for a December 14 release.