Mystikal says he has been working steadily since his release from prison earlier this year after serving six years on sexual assault charges. In a taped interview with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 the New Orleans rapper, who owes one more album to Jive, says he has yet to sign any new deals but that, “everybody’s interested.” He expects his new LP to see release sometime around the “end of this year. Next year, early.” Of the records tone Mystikal says, “It still has all that same punch, that same strength, and a lot of soul to it. Not to diss anybody’s stuff that’s up there…But some of them are gonna have to tear their stuff up and throw that stuff away.” Lil Wayne, Zaytoven, Mannie Fresh, and Busta Rhymes were all confirmed as collaborators on the as yet untitled project.

Speaking of the Hip Hop climate he finds himself in after an extended hiatus the NOLA emcee stated, “It’s changed a little bit…A lot of that stuff [is] pretty good. A lot of it…hey, it is what it is. But I always tell y’all if you successful don’t worry about what we say.” He did single out two young rappers for praise, though. “It’s hard not to catch Drake. He is burning the shit up so tough. And Nicki [Minaj], I really like her lyrics. She is a good fuckin rapper, period. Matter of fact, I like her a lot better than the majority of the dudes that’s rapping right now,” he responded when asked who he was feeling now.

Mystikal also commented on how difficult it was watching the devastation of Hurrican Katrina from the confines of a prison cell: “Unbelievable, it was disbelief looking at my city on that television underwater. I felt like I was supposed to be in a position to do more…But we shaking back, man. We’re resilient.”