With all the success he’s seen in his career it’s a safe assumption that Jay-Z rarely hears the word “no.” But that’s exactly the response he received when he asked R&B legend Sade to collaborate with him. And Jigga isn’t the only rapper being denied access to the British soulstress’ talents and samples of her recorded work; she has apparently turned down many similar requests.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times Sade explained her reasons saying, “I’m too scared. They’ll find me out. It’s like The Wizard of Oz. They’ll find out there’s nothing there. As for collaborations, I’m collaborating with the band and do what we do. I see myself as a member of this band who does these songs that we write.” Though she does add that in the unlikely event that an artist does get a sample of Sade’s music cleared it likely won’t cost them much. She jokes, “When it comes to sample clearances, I’m probably the cheapest chick in the west.”

Sade and her band of the same name released Soldier of Love earlier this year to great critical and commercial acclaim, including a number one Billboard debut. They are currently touring in support of the record.