In an exclusive interview with DX, El Da Sensei gave some details about his upcoming reunion with Tame One as the Artifacts. El said that the two Brick City emcees decided to reunite as a duo following their performances at the Rock Steady Crew 33rd Anniversary Celebration and during the final week of Fat Beats’s Los Angeles store (see below). 

“As far as the music, we pretty much ended early when maybe we didn’t even know what we were capable of doing now in this market today,” he said. “We just came from [Fat Beats] LA, and there were a lot of young cats in the crowd…and they only knew us through vinyl [records] and seeing us in videos…they know a lot of our music as solo artists…they know Tame One’s music and they know El Da Sensei’s music, but they don’t know Artifacts’s music. For us today, it would make a lot of sense to make a good record for the cats today that say they know our [solo music].”


Da Sensei also revealed a few details about Artifacts’s upcoming third album, their first as a duo since 1997’s That’s Them. Although there is no timetable for the release of the as-of-yet untitled project, he said that they have been talking with the likes of Khrysis, Pharoahe Monch and Freddie Foxxx to appear on the album.

“We have production from the people we work with now or [who] we want to work with,” he revealed. “Khrysis, I’ve talked to him [about contributing]. I’ve talked to Pharoahe Monch about doing a joint, Freddie Foxxx. Everybody really wants to get on [the project]…we didn’t even sell a lot of records with the two albums that we did [Between a Rock and a Hard Place and That’s Them], but the music that we put out at the time as far as the quality…I would hope that everybody that followed us then will follow us now, because it is going to be even worse. I would say that if we were lyrically inclined back then, with the heat that we produce today, all I’m going to say is just expect a whole lot more compared to what we did in the past…Artifacts [in] 2010 [and] 2011 would definitely be something to listen for.”