Rapper/Hip Hop entrepreneur Jay-Z will soon encourage the nation to take part in midterm elections when a PSA featuring the rapper airs on CBS, Fuse, and a number of other major networks.

Jay-Z  teamed up with the nonpartisan organization HeadCount for the PSA which is part of their “Vote Again 2010” campaign.

“In a year when there is such negativity in this country, Jay-Z’s positive message is jolting and inspirational. When he told the crowd at Bonnaroo ‘We changed the world,’ it was a truly electric moment,” said Andy Bernstein, HeadCount executive director, in a statement. “Thousands of people got goosebumps, and I knew it would make an unforgettable PSA.”

The viral version of the “Vote Again 2010” PSA featuring Jay-Z can currently be seen on YouTube.

In other Hip Hop news, rapper Keith Murray recently cleared up a few controversial comments he made outside of New York City’s B.B. Kings in regards to an alleged scuffle between himself and 2Pac in Las Vegas.

“I just want to say one thing, I did not disrespect Tupac in that clip,” Murray explained to QTheQuestion.com.  “All I was doing was telling people about a period in history that they don’t know. When ‘I Shot You’ came out and Pac got shot he thought I was talking about him. I seen him in the House of Blues, we shook hands, we hugged, smiled and walked away in peace. I would never disrespect Tupac and I apologize if people think that.”

Joaquin Dean, founder of Ruff Ryders Entertainment and uncle to producer Swizz Beatz, has just announced the creation of Ruff Ryders Indy.

Unlike the majority of independent labels Ruff Ryders Indy will offer a “How To Become Your Own CEO” program where candidates will pay “up to $250,000” for publishing, marketing, street promotion, and more.

“There’s people out there-if they don’t have the money, they will find the money,” said Dean in an interview with Forbes.com’s Beat Report. “We’re going to build a brand around you. Not just as an artist. We’ll help you develop your business plan so that you can go and get investors get involved and support you.”

A trial run for Ruff Ryder Indy’s “How to Become Your Own CEO” program reportedly pulled in half a million applicants.