Dirty South godfather Big Boi recently sat down with kevingnottingham.com and talked about the recording and reception of what could be 2010’s best album, the future of Outkast and much more. Be sure to check out the interview in full at kevinnottingham.com, here are some highlights:

On the struggle of the south to earn respect:

“It was like the Civil Rights Movement almost. They didn’t want to hear our music or nothing we said…you know the stereotypes and different ways that they thought about different artists from the South. I guess we kind of blasted all those boundaries away being that we came from Atlanta. And we consistently put out albums that people loved and stayed on the road and toured and built a fan base of loyal fans that just love music and we just brought people together of all different races and religions and things like that. And we said the South got something to say and hear we are 15-years later and we have a diamond plaque. We are one of the very few to go diamond and we won album of the year at the Grammys so we’ve been to the promise land. We’ve done it all. And we are just doing what we love to do and that’s to make music. And for the South to still be in the forefront is really great and like I said everybody is not going to make the same type of music but you gone have to respect the South when it comes up because you got Outkast, Dungeon Family, Ludacris, Tip, Rick Ross, Scarface, Bun B, Lil Wayne, Young Money/Cash Money, and a gang of artists that come from that. And we are making music and we making moves. We all didn’t grow up in the same school of Hip Hop but we definitely respect the art form and just like everybody else, we are hear to make good music and that’s what it is about.”

If we’ll see another Outkast album:

“Yes after Dre finishes his album, the plan is to reunite and do the Outkast album.”

On the one album he would bring if he was stranded on a desert island:

NWA—Niggaz4life. Yeah…that was a hardcore record and it’s motivation. The beats were crazy and it was just really hardcore. I guess if you are stranded on an island you gone need something to try motivate you to get off that muthafucka rather you doing a thousand push ups trying to swim, fighting sharks, or whatever. (Laughing)”