Just Blaze, who recently spoke about delays for T.I.’s and Jay Electronica’s upcoming projects, sat down with VIBE to discuss things outside the realm of Hip Hop.

In the interview, the producer revealed that he is continuing production for video games, and now television. “There’s something else video game and music related that I might be working on. It’s so early, though—we’ve only been two conversations about it. But it will probably have a lot of haters upset, again,” explained Just. “I’m also working on a TV show. It’s not just a pitch thing—we’re almost done shooting. I took the downtime I had from making music to do something different, jump on the small screen a little bit.“

It turns out that Just Blaze sought the advice of another one of Hip Hop’s storied producers who’s taken his talents to other forms of media – RZA.

“I sat next to RZA on a plane, and we chopped it up about expanding our talents. He told me that he knew he had to diversify a long time ago,” described Just of the meeting. “I definitely admire him for his early move into Hollywood.”