Happy Friday to our HipHopDX faithful. We are back with another edition of Loose Links involving, as Grand Puba said, “some of our favorites.”

Ice Cube Breaks Down His Discography

Give it up to VIBE.com. The site has a great team of writers and editors, and one of the most essential publications to Hip Hop over the last three decades stays doin’ it. With their new series “Full Clip,” which appears to take its name from one of our favorite Gang Starr songs, they ask important artists to look out their catalogs of work. Who better to start with that Ice Cube? Having released his latest album, I Am The West last week, the N.W.A./Westside Connection emcee-turned-actor has never turned his back on the culture he made strong for the last 24 years. As you read, you have to admire how he even broke down his C.I.A. stuff with Sir Jinx. As I read Jerry Heller’s (amazing) Ruthless autobiography, this is a topical read, with Cube making some interesting revelations. Check it.

Read VIBE.com’s “Full Clip: Ice Cube” here.

“Together Again”

Speaking of 24-year O.G. Hip Hop veterans, Bumpy Knuckles premiered a song with HipHopDX, featuring ErlyBird Raw called “Together Again” this Monday. The legendary Long Island emcee/producer/songwriter told us early this week that he’s trying new things with his music’s sound. The lyrics kick educated wisdom about repairing the state of Hip Hop. However, the man who’s growl shook the change out of the industry’s pocket uses this opportunity to throw optimism at the culture. Things take time, and rhymes like these give us hope when we listen to a voice who’s seen it fall and bounce back, entering his fourth decade of rhyming. As an aside, Bumpy also wanted DX readers to know that his Music From The Man, Volume 1 album is available now digitally. The first of several releases pairing the emcee also known as Freddie Foxxx with producers for entire LPs was with Jesse West, known for making KRS-One’s 1997 smash hit “Step Into A World,” as well as numerous records for Xzibit, Busta Rhymes and Diamond D. Music From The Man, Volume 1 is available on iTunes now… and make sure you check “Together Again” .

Duck Down x L-R-G

Two long-lasting companies that have shown love to HipHopDX over the years are Duck Down Records and Lifted Research Group. As Dru Ha and Buckshot’s historic imprint turns an amazing 15 years old, L-R-G is making the Duck Down hoodie. The zip-up hoodie retails for $65 USD and features the iconic “Duck Down Man.” Shoot, we’ve got O.G.C.’s album in the truck right now, so a 15 year salute to Dru, Buck, Noha, and the rest of the platoon. As another aside, Duck Down released Skyzoo & !llmind’s Live From The Tapedeck this week, support.

Purchase The L-R-G Duck Down 15th Anniversary Hoodie here.

An “Incredible” Michael Jackson Tribute

So coming back from a fun-filled weekend in Atlanta last week, DX staffers got an unexpected four-hour flight delay (shout out to Philadelphia’s Air Traffic Control). We had the pleasure of meeting veteran southern songwriter Harvey Lee, who wanted nothing more than to get some fresh ears on his Michael Jackson tribute song “You’re Incredible.” After last year’s coverage and the ongoing legal battles, it’s important we remember the icon, the King of Pop, and someone who shaped many of our musical tastes over five decades. Shout out to Harvey, and this one’s for MJ: