The number of guest appearances on rapper Kanye West’s upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is beginning to add up quite nicely. At an exclusive event held earlier this week in London West spoke on his mini-movie Runaway and possible collaborations for the album.

According to West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy may include appearances from a who’s who of talent including M.I.A., Kid Cudi, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Mos Def, and British band La Roux.

“He’s [Kanye West] a very exciting person to be around. He’s a special breed of person. He’s not quite like anyone I’ve ever met before,” Elly Jackson of La Roux revealed while speaking to MTV’s The Seven. “He’s very, very, very creative. He comes up with ideas every five seconds. We’ve had a very interesting three days. It’s a very interesting mix of things.”

West also revealed that he has quite the tour lined up following the release of his album. The tour is expected to kick off in February 2011 with West hoping for a finale performance “in front of the pyramids in Egypt.”

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is scheduled to be released on November 22.