One of the more anticipated songs from Lloyd Banks’ November 23 third album The Hunger For More 2 dropped on Wednesday. “Start It Up” features Kanye West, Fabolous, Swizz Beatz and Ryan Leslie. The G-Unit emcee spoke to MTV News and revealed just how the song came to fruition.

“The whole Kanye [West] thing happened, it was shortly after the tweet that he wrote, the comment he made about me being underrated and should be in everybody’s top five,” Lloyd Banks told MTV News over the phone Thursday. “We read that statement, and it kind of took off on its own. I definitely appreciated that. Just for him to say that opens up the eyes that have been watching him [to me]. And from there, it made sense to go into the studio with him. Shortly after that, we went into the studio…That was one of the last joints I recorded for my album. Originally it was me and [Fabolous], then I got Kanye, then Swizz [Beatz] was in the city and so was [Ryan Leslie].”

A testament to the fast-paced music industry in 2010, Banks said, “The difference from that track being me and Fab and having Kanye was 24 hours.”



The Hunger For More 2 drops on November 23 on G-Unit/EMI. It will be the first album released by G-Unit since inked their new deal with EMI.