Cee-Lo Green recently told UK magazine NME he appreciated 50 Cent’s approach to co-opting his popular song, “Fuck You,” and a collaboration could be on the way. Cee-Lo called 50’s version “awesome,” and commended him on how fast he was able to put his own spin on it. Cee-Lo’s original “Fuck You” went viral on August 19, and the 50 Cent version was posted to YouTube three days later.

“I figured we should have a talk, make sure it’s formal and let’s go all the way with it and shoot a video, who knows it may breath even more life into [the song],” Cee-Lo told NME. An edited radio version entitled, “Forget You” has been on Billboard‘s Hot 100 singles chart for five weeks.

After reuniting with the Goodie Mob for a series of shows last year, Cee-Lo hasn’t ruled out another Gnarls Barkley album. The fact that Cee-Lo is working on his upcoming solo album and Danger Mouse is contributing to Broken Bells doesn’t seem to be a deterrent.

“I guarantee if I called him right now and said, ‘I want to get started on Gnarls Barkley’ he would make time for me,” Cee-Lo added. “We don’t talk about music formally, we just do it, so we’ve not discussed what direction he would like to go in, so it will be a brand new experience all over again.”