AZ let HipHopDX know a lot about his future plans when we spoke with him back August. Now, he is still speaking on his forthcoming project, Doe or Die 2, and he is also revealing information about a possible Firm reunion. 

“It’s a possibility,” he told Hip Hop Chronicle UK. “Talks is in the works.” 

When he revealed that twenty percent of The Firm isn’t on board, he went on to insinuate that Dr. Dre was one person who wasn’t on board. 

“With or without [Dr. Dre], it still might happen,” he added.

But for now, his sights are set on Doe or Die 2, an album that will be released in 2011. To prepare fans for that, he is dropping the fifteenth anniversary release of the original Doe or Die next month.

“Right now, what I’m putting out is the fifteenth anniversary on November 3. I’m going to continue working on Doe or Die 2. That’ll have to be a classic so I’m putting that out next year sometime.”